Why should your hotel use a passport scanner?

Passport Scanner at Hotel

Hotels provide comfortable hospitality, amenity, and guest contentment. The safety of guests is of the utmost importance to hotels, and guests know that they are in safe hands when they check-into a hotel. Having passport scanner ensures an added security layer, distinguishing fraudulent IDs from real ones, thus ramping up the security level. 

Why have passport scanners?

For all your guests, they will have their passport/ID scanned. This will increase the safety and comfort of the guests and reassure them that they are in a well-protected environment. What if some invaluable thing is stolen or someone with a police record checks into the hotel? You would want to ensure the security did everything possible so that they could keep their visitors safe. Therefore anyone with suspicious behavior or illegal documents can be restrained from checking in before any mishap.

Hotels are a business, and there are numerous laws and constraints that they must abide by for the security of the company, the workers, and clients. A popular enactment as an outcome of those safety regulations is a passport scanner. 

There are several reasons why a hotel should install a passport scanner or an ID scanner, and here are a few reasons for the same:

  • Up-to-Date Information

When your business relies on knowing your customers, it becomes crucial to have a powerful OCR app or MRZ reader, which seamlessly integrates with your existing technology and works efficiently. The major reason to have identification scanned in a hotel is for record-keeping. Human error of the hotel front desk staff is also decreased to a great extent. When keying in information manually, you are prone to more errors. Home address, credit card information, and other personal info are very critical and must be protected.

ID scanning gives a precise report of all callers checked in to their hotel room. ID scanning can also protect sensitive data.

  • Save Time with Faster Check-In

If guests make phone or online reservations, scanning will enable them to check-in more quickly through technology. Through personality recognition, the technology can examine your ID and get reservations conceded exponentially.

Make checking out a breeze as well. Utilize the exact photo identification that was used at check-in, and be able to check out almost instantly. All the data will be reserved and the bill charged to the credit card on file. When your staff redeems time from having to check guests in, they have additional time for welcoming the customers gracefully, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and your rating.

  • Save paper

With scanners, you can license your guests to check-in and out with identification and credit card. Email their permit, and you won’t have to distress about the sheets.

Costs are also curtailed because there is no requirement of printing the documents for each customer. It is all recorded for susceptible access. It also removes all the unnecessary litter and confusion from your hotel desk. Physical storage of the guests’ documents in cartons is also not needed.

Adopting adequate technology can assist in establishing a well-rounded and fortified security stance in your business. 

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