Why Hotels need ID & Passport OCR in 2021?

Passport OCR Scanner App

In this rapidly advancing business world, the sector of travel and tourism is also growing on a large scale. If people travel, they will look for a place to stay. And thus, there is a significant role of hotels as well. The main source of income for hotels is tourists and guests. They check-in, stay, and check-out when they leave. They could be from anywhere in the world or might even be locals. But the point is, who is the person staying at your hotel? Is there any way to verify and validate the identity of visitors? In this blog, we will tell you how to get a solution to the concerns mentioned above.


Hotels always keep a record of every guest who has ever arrived there. People are generally courteous and well-behaved, but there are exceptions to it too. What if a guest arrived at your hotel who has a record of misconduct previously? Of course, the guest won’t be allowed to check-in as they have been blacklisted. But wouldn’t it take a long time to match the record of the guest with your previous records since hotels have a manual record. 

Chance of error in records

There is a scanned copy of every guest’s identification document at hotels. And this record is entered manually in the CRM system by an employee, which means there is always a chance of error. Either it is in typing the name, photograph, or address, a mistake can happen. Identity verification of guests is very important.

And as far as security is concerned, these kinds of inaccuracies can’t be overlooked. So, there is a requirement for a much efficient and trusted system.

OCR Technology

Optical Character Recognition, which we commonly refer to as OCR, is a gift of technology that collects all the required information from any document within a few seconds. The OCR scanner app is a reliable and fast way to scan documents and complete the guests’ identity verification. OCR has been used in business requirements for a long time, but till now, it is not being used in the way it should be. It is widely being used by companies for support or to reduce the time duration of any work but also for safety purposes. 

This was just a brief introduction about OCR, but it’s not always easy to understand the technical part as it can leave you puzzled if you don’t have much knowledge in the field of computer science. But we will make sure that you grasp the things easily: The OCR engine has an inbuilt code that is fed up with rules and keywords that can be directly applied to any photograph or PDF. But for that, the given file needs to be converted into a fresh text file. The output obtained is known as JSON.

Why To Have Faith On Us?

We have a specialized in-house engine that provides a complete solution for verifying and extracting data from invoices and receipts. In short, PassportMRZ’s advanced system is just what you need in your hotel for identity verification.

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