OCR Software- Improve Your Business, Through Passport Recognition

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When you read some words, you can use your brains and eyes, to process and understand them. In the process, you not only recognize the words, but also the punctuation, numbers, and letters. This whole thing is referred to as optical character recognition.

Have you ever wondered if computers could do the same with some unreadable files, handwriting and paper documents? Well, it does, and that is what is known as OCR technology.

Let us take you through how OCR software functions and places where the optical character readers are used often. Most importantly, you should know how the introduction of OCR document processing and content management will benefit your organization.

OCR software is simply an electronic procedure of converting typed, handwritten, faxed, scanned, printed and photographed text to editable documents which can be machine-encoded and searched in almost all formats.

OCR software processes texts, so let’s find out about 3 common ways through which it does:

1. Pattern Recognition
In this technique, the computer matches characters in the stored OCR software, after recognizing it. In 1960, a monoscape font (OCR-A) was created, on purpose to fill in official bank checks. That way, each letter could be distinguished from another easily.

Due to the single and standardized font, it became an effortless OCR system , and every printer and scanner used that one font. Later on, other fonts were introduced, and now, they became too many, that pattern recognition is probably not enough to recognize each character and handwriting.

2. Feature Detection
In case patter recognition fails, you could always go for feature detection. This OCR reader will help you detect individual components. Be it the angles, diagonal and horizontal lines, vertical lines, intersections, diacritical lines, closed loops among many others.

Here, you will not require a database of fonts, since the digit applies to each design. Feature detection supports most modern OCR software, which recognizes print in all fonts.

3. Intelligent Character Recognition
It involves a machine learning engine. It also interprets handwritings one character after the other. Human finds it easy to read handwriting because we comprehend the writer’s points, setting and the language.

OCR And Personal Identification
Any institution that deals with processing clients’ personal information and legal documents such as passports, car number plates, drivers’ license, number plates and many more, could benefit from OCR software even more.

It could be an office, an airport, or any other institution that needs a reduction of him, an error, and obtaining more accurate data.

Also, if you are an organization that convert most of your paper invoices into digital text, and use the data for document exchange, payment, and financial reports, you need OCR software . It may be frustrating for your employees to manually enter all the data (PDFs, handwriting on paper, jpg) into the company’s system.

Do not allow time wastage in your business. You could invest the time elsewhere, and earn from i8t. Reduce the ever piling paper works from your employees’ offices, and let OCR software take over, and give you the change you need.

Other than OCR being advantageous to your business, it could help the historians to preserve culture, and the visually impaired people to read.