Protect Your Identity Online Using Passport Machine Readable Zone

Passport MRZ code Reader

What are MRZ and MRTD?

Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) is a codified part of documents for identification. It aims to make it easier to automatically search the document holder’s basic personal information, such as their full name, document number, nationality, date of birth, and date of expiration of the document. The MRZ can now be found on any international passport photo page, as well as on several kinds of ID cards, residency permits, visas, and more. A Machine Readable Travel Document, or MRTD for short, is referred to as a document containing MRZ.

International passports surpass the scope of identification documents that are necessary to ensure a high level of protection and encourage automatic scanning. The issuance of national identification cards, driver’s licenses, visas, and residency documents are also important for the global economy. Therefore, for international enforcement, the vast majority of identification documents worldwide have a machine-readable zone as their part.

Purpose of MRZ

The Passport MRZ enables the owner of the passport to provide personal information in a consistent format so that it can be easily identified and registered by an MRZ reader. Moreover, the international standardization of the Passport MRZ format enables multi-country officials to decode and validate the personal data of citizens of other countries easily. This helps in identity verification.

Passport MRZ offers an additional degree of encoded personal data protection, as it includes check amounts and syntactic rules that help avoid certain attempts at forgery. 

Furthermore, MRZ scanning enables easy access to the RFID chip placed inside biometric identification documents, such as biometric passports. This chip includes comprehensive information about the document holder and can only be accessed after the passport number, date of birth, and expiry date of the passport has been entered.

How does it work?

Specialized MRZ readers, such as the Passport Readers that can be used in airport and access control terminals, usually only operate with documents of a single particular form (such as passports) and take advantage of managed capture conditions, the known location of the MRZ in the captured image, and the known subtype of the MRZ.

Passport MRZ has a distinctive periodic structure that makes it possible for mobile software solutions to use computationally efficient computer vision methods to detect it even with extreme distortions of perspective on the picture. After the localized MRZ image is identified and rectified, it is possible to use high-precision and resource-effective Green OCR technology to segment the MRZ lines into individual characters that can then be individually categorized.

Passport MRZ is an efficient method of identity verification, which also protects your identity online and prevents falsification of identity. It is convenient and safe at the same time. The Scanner SDK helps you to integrate your applications, passport-, ID document scanning, and data extraction features in your apps. 

The MRZ passport reader and MRZ Scanner SDK can be easily integrated within the existing mobile app and used in regular smartphones and tablets. At PassportMRZ, we will help you with all your queries. Contact us today to know more!

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