Onboard More Users This 2019 with Identity Verification

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Are you looking for a way to onboard more users? Instant identity verification will accelerate customer onboarding. This is a critical part of client’s onboarding, for them to monitor and assess the business risk they pose. Being sure of the legitimacy of the person on the other end is a big deal.

There is a huge increase in the global economy, and a client’s ID verification is now more complex. There is so much data from suppliers, that you need to access, in order to validate customer identities. Four things are included here: Ongoing client monitoring, company verification, person verification, and document verification.

You will benefit from user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective solutions. By flexibility, it means that you will experience easy integration, and have a multichannel platform. Also, there will be minimum operating costs connected to manual checks of the documents.

For any secure client enrollment, a comprehensive identity verification solution is needed. This is the best answer for any financial institution that is up to a compliant, fast and convenient performance in identity checks and document verification. It will help you meet regulations, as well as fight money laundering.

Any telecom operators in the house? This is for you. You a lot on ID verification, to sort out subscription fraud and the financial consequences it come with. You don’t have to worry anymore, as Passport MRZ will give you the best ID verification service that guarantees compliance with account opening and prepaid sim card registration.

We will improve your user experience, and reinforce security in your organization, that will help on digital transformation promotion.

Carmakers are not to be left out. You need a good solution for innovative car owner application, in a secure environment, and virtual car keys solutions. ID verification solution will also cover car sharing, multi-modal transport, car rental, and e-mobility services.

With ID verification, you can easily enroll for face biometric boarding services, and get the best traveling experiences. PassportMRZ’s ID verification is successfully piloted by airport IT operators, it is efficient and also improves security.

Quality of Sources Of Data

This is one of the most significant components of the ID verification process. M the higher the quality of data, the more you improve risk mitigation, and meet regulatory compliance. PassportMRZ uses data sources from trustworthy suppliers, and therefore of high quality.

With our services, you will be capable of mechanizing your checking procedures, additionally, you will be notified to any alterations in your customers’ status, which we believe is very critical to safeguarding fulfillment of your governing responsibilities and give you a reliable and fast customer onboarding.

We are ready to help you with your digital security needs. Contact us today, and have one of our representatives take you through how we can assist. One among many reasons for you to choose us is that we have the capability that you need. We are the fit both culturally, and commercially. Isn’t that amazing and worth it?

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