Need of OCR Passport Reader Technology in Tourism

OCR Passport Reader

Are you waiting for check-in while your plane is about to take off? You can avail of a more convenient option.

The conventional way of airport check-in is not sufficient anymore for the present turnover rates. Nowadays, we have sophisticated OCR technology that can help society lead a much more productive and worthwhile life. 

The Passport Reader device can apprehend the white, infrared image and ultraviolet image from various documents. Once put the passport to the device, the passport reader can decrypt the machine-readable zone (MRZ) and processes data from the chip. All complicated procedures are complete in a trice of time.

Here are some of the fundamental reasons why tourism needs to upgrade its existing technology to modern biometric technology:

  • Discard documentation

Utilizing techniques like face biometrics, ID card reader, liveness detection, etc., lessen the check-in time through checkpoints like passport control or boarding gates by up to 40%. They scan their IDs, have a photo taken, and input some details into an automated system. Their booking is then ascertained, and boarding passes are automatically dispensed, reducing check-in time from hours to minutes.

The cruise sector is using identical technology. Royal Caribbean analyzed that using facial recognition reduced processing time for disembarking passengers in the USA by almost half in a study done last year.

  • Keeping a record of the staff

OCR technology is playing a significant role in organizing staff in various industries, encompassing the travel sector. Assuring reasonable staffing levels to meet customer expectations is vital in a service-orientated industry like tourism, where enormous numbers of everyday workers are often employed. At a particular airport in the UK, personnel now enter the workplace using biometric fingerprint terminals. This empowers management with better accurate staff attendance data, and it’s in real-time. This makes HR and payroll procedures more effective and keeps costs down for consumers as an outcome. It hastens the clocking in for breadwinners to avoid queues at the onset of shifts. These types of applications of biometrics are flourishing and are being recognized across many industries.

  • Safe and secure without any hassle

You can perform user authentication at the greatest degrees promptly and efficiently with a feature-rich passport reader. AML verification, passport scanner ability, MRZ reader support, and a fully functional ID card reader are the various unique contemporary technologies that will keep sensitive data safe and secure and are easy to integrate into any system. They ensure customer and staff safety equally without being too complicated or problematic. In fact, on the contrary, they are quite easy to use and accelerate the security formalities and ensure the well being of everyone. Long lifespan, zero maintenance, and no moving parts make these devices very convenient and user friendly too.

The identification procured by biometric technologies is exceptionally accurate and hence assures secure access to prudent information. Modalities such as fingerprints, iris, and retinal scans generate distinctive data sets when apprehended appropriately. 

Why choose Passport MRZ?

The MRZ Passport reader and scanner SDK is super simple to use as the technology can be incorporated within your existing mobile app hassle-free. The biggest advantage is that you can customize the user interface as per your needs and support a wide range of documents. For more queries, you can get in touch with a solution expert directly

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