All You Need To Know About OCR

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The concept of the Optical Character Recognition started at the end of the eighteenth century. It then resulted in the document creation, to prove that someone is truly registered in the national archives.

Currently, OCR technology seeks to outdo the ability of human’s eye to identify things. OCR electronically identifies people. OCR analyses and scans files or documents automatically, to identify its components.

How OCR Works
The OCR software scrutinizes your image, pixel after the other, identifying the shape of your features, such as the eyes. It also determines the distance in between the features on your face, such as the nose and mouth.

OCR can break down lines and words, as it can also identify images, table, and even blocks.

The Function of OCR
Depending on the field and industries, with digital information needs, OCR has various uses. For instance, it is used in the culture industry to digitalize the historical documents, on papers.

Here are some of the factors that affect OCR’s accuracy:

1. Quality Of The Original Document
The quality of a scanned image of a receipt would be affected by the quality of a printer, and this would, in turn, affect the accuracy of the OCR. If your original document has light ink, and the paper is folded, and not too white, then the OCR engine will have problems sensing the text.

Below are what affect the OCR from an original document:
• Discolored document
• Faded or aged
• Low contrast printing
• Nonstandard fonts
• Torn or wrinkled

However good the image with the above characteristics may be scanned, it may still bring problems in the OCR engine, and it may have a problem recognizing the text from the scan.

2. The Quality Of The Scan
The original document could be okay, but the scanning what, not quality, and therefore got a low-quality image of the scanned document. This case could also result in the inaccuracy of an OCR.

3. The OCR Engine
The engine is what decodes the images to characters that are well recognized by the computer. A programmer gives instructions to the OCR engine. If the quality of the instructions given is low, the fidelity of the OCR is affected.

Just like any other machine, you learn that OCR requires coordination, from other instruments, to give the best results. There are many OCR software solutions, that can translate images that are scanned, into either searchable PDFs, texts, excel, or word.

Here are some features that differentiate OCR software:
• Advanced PDF encryption
• Support for different languages
• Batch processing modes
• Page layout
• OCR speed and support of multi-core CPUs
• Niche projects

You could also use OCR in the automation of information entry from other documents, such as invoices, and surveys.

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