4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs ID and Passport Scanning

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Does your business deal with passports and IDs daily? If you answered yes, this article is meant for you! Let’s take time and go deep into explaining one of the most popular products we offer, and how it could benefit you.

Passport and ID scanning product can be of improbable value in very many businesses. First, it can be implemented by any mobile app type as it comes as a software development kit. With this, your smartphone can scan the machine-readable zone or travel documents such as IDs and passports.

Below are the 5 reasons why your business should consider using ID and mobile passport scanning:

1. It Is 20 Times Faster Than An Employee
Every business owner wants their work done as fast and efficient as possible. When you scan an ID and passport, it is twenty times faster than when you manually type someone’s information. Verify your clients’ identities within a blink of an eye, just by scanning their ID and passport.

Some clients in the tax refund field at airports normally work together with POS terminals. Their customers have to always fill out some tax-free paperwork, which could be skipped by switching to mobile scanning. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Save On The Expensive MRZ Scanning Devices
Usually, the devices used to scan the machine-readable zone on an ID or a passport is as expensive as up to 4000 euros. That is exclusive of the yearly maintenance fee that you need to pay.

When you enable MZR scanning in your mobile app, and a smartphone, our SDK can then be integrated, and be able to scan.

Assume that you need to verify the identities of people coming to a conference in a hotel. You surely do not want to spend on buying expensive reading devices, yet you could use your smartphone. Normal scanning devices will not be able to scan passport copies.

3. Makes Your Business Agile
You do not want to be bound to a specific treading device – right? That’s the good of mobile OCR scanning . You can move around with your smartphone, and still, scan passports, and save time for your business, without having to worry about poor lighting conditions.

4. Scanned Sensible Data Never Leaves the Phone
The point is, even if you do not want the scanned data to leave the phone since scanning works offline, you can achieve that. Some of the data that will be extracted and returned on your smartphone, among others are:

• Date of birth
• Gender
• Surname
• The document’s expiration date
• Type of document
• Country code

Additionally, the passport picture will be returned, for double-checking. You can also run the extracted data through your backend database, to help verify the identity of a person, and ensure it’s correct.

Save money and time with mobile passport scanning from Passport MRZ. Improve your customer experience, upgrade your data capture quality, and enhance security all at once. With our technology, we will provide you with an accurate and fast scanning solution, through machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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